Sustainability and Ethics


The fashion industry has impacted our environment in so many ways. For starters, the mass production of cheap and disposable fashion items has led to forest destruction, CO2 emissions, polluted waters, and much more.

Worried about the state of the planet we are leaving for our children, we have put all our energy into delighting our customers with the most sustainable and finest materials available. 

You will find more information about the material we use here. We also use recycled or organic materials in our packaging to minimize the overall impact of our company.



Animals are sentient beings. Sentience is the ability to sense and feel emotions or pain. So, to avoid endangering the lives of these animals, we source leather alternative materials.



KOVU doesn't just care about animal welfare; we also support people. Our carefully selected partners share our values of fair working conditions in a pleasant environment. And that's not all! We also provide work to local communities. Collaborating with some local suppliers close to us enables us to maximize the control of our supply chain and minimize our carbon footprint.